State of the Backbend


It had to happen, of course. I’d put the camera to use documenting adventures in backbending. It’s a cardio exercise, as it turns out. The timer button has to be pressed, then I have about 7 seconds to run back to the mat, get into position, and then there are three beeps before the flash goes off. I need to read the manual and see if I can adjust the amount of time on the self-timer. Or set it to go off at regular intervals, instead of needing to reset it for each photo.

I couldn’t resist taking some photos, though. I was cleaning the house, listening to Miles Davis, and the jazz got me revved up and ready to act on a whim. Pictures of urdhva dhanurasana!

When I see the results, I think: well, it’s better than it used to be, and not as good at it will eventually be. I am at the very beginning of this adventure, for sure. Right now my focus is on getting my arms straight.

You know, practice really is having an effect on me. In the past I would definitely have displayed a pose that I was really good at.

Led class yesterday: We started late, because there was an Ana Forrest workshop. Nice thing about workshops is that the room is pre-warmed. Downside: we start late and the floor is wet (euwww!). Good practice all around. Sanskrit Scholar to my right, Girl with a Red Mat to my left. Lots of new people again. Seems to be about 30% new people per Saturday led class.

In baddha konasana I was stuck in a balance pose: I push forward as far as I can, and then my butt rises off the floor, and my head doesn’t quite touch the floor, and I am just balancing on my ankles. Then I felt someone pushing down on my thighs, and then leaning onto my back. I didn’t recognize the hands. Not Volleyball Guy, not Sanskrit Scholar, and not Crim Girl, who are the only people who ever adjusted me in this pose.

Turns out it was The Gymnast. She attends Saturday led regularly, and Mysore whenever she can manage (she lives far away and has two little boys). Very good, strong adjustment. Afterwards she asked if it was okay and mentioned she remembered this was one of the poses I was really working on. Very thoughtful and generous of her.

And in other news: Super Bowl Sunday. We have a wealth of riches. Football and UFC. We bought and recorded the fights last night, since The Cop was at work and couldn’t watch them in real time. It used to be that we could buy a fight, record it, and then just watch it the next day, with no worries about hearing the results ahead of time. No news coverage, no one talking about it at work, no chance of anyone spilling the beans — unless, of course, Jenna is blogging about yet another Liddell victory 😉 Those days of little news coverage seem to be over. Now I have to be careful not to stumble onto the results online before we watch our recording. Last big championship fight, one of the other cops blurted out the results before The Cop got to watch.

Speaking of UFC and yoga: earlier this week, Volleyball Guy was adjusting a new Mysorian in Marichy D. Afterwards, he explained, “If you need me to stop an adjustment, just say ‘five.’ Or you can do this…” and he reached down and patted the floor three times. Renaissance Man was practicing across from me, and he looked up and we both grinned. “We can tap out!” we laughed. Yup, as in the UFC, so it is at Mysore practice.

Today we’ll be watching football in real time and the fights (shhh! don’t tell me who won!). LOL! I just thought of Kathy, who was wondering if watching lots of sports was a dating deal-breaker. I vote no! Sports rock.