I love Saturday. For a long time, I worked on Saturdays (back in the day of being a single Mom), and then through a couple of rounds of grad school, I did homework on Saturdays. It took a long time, once I was free of responsibilities, to relax on Saturdays. For a while there, I would get confused and do some of the household chores on Saturday and some on Sunday, and I’d never feel like I had any time to relax. Now, though, Saturday is my day off. Coffee, reading, led practice, possibly lunch with Crim Girl and/or Sanskrit Scholar and/or The British Director, then home for a nap and a little more reading until The Cop wakes up. Sunday is now officially the housekeeping day.

It’s currently 9AM, and The Cop is still not home from his shift. He, technically, is done at 6AM, but often on the weekends he runs late. This is FBR weekend, which someone at work referred to as the Happy Gilmore portion of the golf tour. Apparently the Phoenix/Scottsdale golf fans are extremely unruly. Makes for a long night for The Cop.

Again today I woke in a really cheerful mood. Breathing out of the right nostril. The first thing I really noticed though, was how sore my lats are. I think because of this suggestion from Vanessa:

Get a yoga strap and tie it around a broom, stick, something like that. Then throw the stick over a door and close the door shut (you need to be placed so that the door would open away from you). With your back to the door, raise your hands up, grab the strap and then making sure that your elbows stay parallel (instead of flaring out), just lean forward (elbows stay bent). This should open your shoulders quite nicely.

I expected that my elbows would flare out like crazy on this stretch, but apparently my practice is having some effect: my elbows stayed in pretty effortlessly. And, as I mentioned, the stretch is most effective.

Vanda’s book is terrific. Very poetic and evocative. I’ll post a few excerpts in a bit.


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