Mysore practice, Nostril breathing, Extension

On ezBoard this morning, Spangled mentioned right brain activities. This one comment kicked off a good number of thoughts. For one thing, it made me realize that I woke up in a really good mood — relaxed, happy, optimistic. Just what I tend to think of as a right brain mood.

Then I thought a bit about work. I believe one of my issues with work is that it is so intensely left brain oriented. Again, for the record: I have nothing to complain about at work. I like what I do, I like the people I work with, I’m well-paid, and I like the organization I work for. Still, I feel like I am trying to WAKE UP (as the monks at the zendo might yell to help us out when we start dozing in zazen) at work. Sure, I go in every day, I am a high performer, my team is terrific and we get a lot done. But I get swept up.

Maybe it’s about left and right brain balance? I do find that since I’ve taken a few photos at work, I am looking around myself more, seeing more colors and shapes. Waking up the right brain a bit, perhaps.

If I remember correctly, swara yoga includes some techniques for using the breath to switch from right brain to left… Need to check that out. In the meantime, though, I can at least pay attention to my breath (specifically, which nostril is open and which closed) at different points throughout the day.


Today’s Mysore Practice Report: Ahhhhh. Today was one of those practices where everything felt great and nothing hurt. The krink in the sacrum that’s been around for a week was gone, my hamstrings were springy and happy. Renaissance Man and The Cat were across from me, and The Other Dave was beside me. Returning Guy was in the corner. I really do enjoy practicing with the Mysorians. Very comfortable and familiar and supportive.

Another part of what made practice so pleasant was also kicked off by my morning reading. Vanda Scaravelli wrote about extension, specifically the extension of the spine, and for some reason (her writing is very poetic and right brain) the idea really took hold of me. Throughout all of my practice, I felt my spine extending on the inhales, and it was just lovely. Also, because I am obsessive, I made note of the fact that I was breathing through my right nostril for the first half of the practice, and then both nostrils for the second half.

During savasana, I noted I’d switched to the left nostril. For some reason, I felt like I wanted to switch it back to the right, and I managed to remember enough of some other stuff I’ve read about techniques to do that. As soon as I was switched back over, I felt happy again.

Yoga really is transformative. Now I take photos at work and think about which nostril I am breathing out of. I have transformed into a crackpot.


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