Chocolate, camera, back to work

My Gift told me an amusing story when she visited this weekend. The Frenchman was visiting her at school one weekend and they went to Starbucks. My Gift spotted some Godiva chocolates at checkout and bought them to share with The Frenchman. He was perplexed when she bit off half of a chocolate and passed the rest to him. She didn’t understand why he didn’t know that THAT is how one shares chocolates.

My Gift and I always shared chocolate that way. I’d take the first bite and give her the other half, or vice versa. I understood that this is how I shared chocolate with my daughter, but she thought it was how everyone in the world shares chocolate.

Uh oh. There may be similar issues due to her being raised by wolves by me. For one thing, we didn’t have family around us, so we made up a lot of “traditions.” Never one to eat ham and potatoes at Easter, for example, I just asked my Gift what she’d like to have for a special meal. So Easter turned out to be about guacamole, pineapple and marshmallows.

And she was encouraged to wear fairy wings and costume jewelry and a cape and sparkly high heels. You know, because they are beautiful.

As she moves more and more into the world, there’s gonna be some ‘splainin’ to do.


I bought a new digital camera this morning. I guess the “digital” part kind of goes without saying. Just a simple little device. I am eager to take some yoga pictures, and just want to do some visual stuff. My undergrad was in visual arts, but then I started writing, and that’s been my (creative) focus for many years.

Lately I’ve been feeling kind of restless, though. Like I am tired of the word thing. LOL! No more words for me!

Well, at least I’d like to take some time to use (and enjoy) my eyes again. I even have a hankering to do some drawing.

You know those subconscious belief systems we invent for ourselves? I find that I have one that thinks that writing is more “valuable” than drawing or taking photos. More “useful.” Yeah, um, okay. Because poetry is MUCH more functional than, say, a photo 😉


Tomorrow I go back to work after two days off. I still need an attitude adjustment about work. I get too caught up.

I like the creative design part of it, when I collaborate with people to make products. I also love the managing part, where I listen to the individuals on my team and try to help them be creative and happy. Can I just have those parts and totally be free of everything else?

Haha! I just had a thought that I should bring my camera to work with me and take pictures throughout the day: I can use it to document moments where I think, “Now I am happy,” and “Now I am thinking life sucks.” That would actually be a pretty cool way of being mindful.


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