When I went into the room for Mysore practice this morning, Volleyball Guy handed me a bunch of photos. Including one of the endlessly-held urdhva dhanurasana. It looks pretty good! Woohoo! My extra backbending days are actually making a difference. My lumbar and thoracic are good, legs good — all that’s left is getting my shoulders/arms to really straighten out. I see light at the end of the tunnel.

Well, I did — until Volleyball Guy decided to give me a boost on the bakasana after bhujapidasana. Boost, as in hoist. Hello, brand new tunnel!

Quite honestly, what I usually do after bhujapidasana is just balance on my arms, then pull the right leg and then the left into a very vague and slackerish semblance of what someone might, in a very generous moment, call reminiscent of bakasana. Kind of a bakasana without lifting your butt at all.

He tried the same thing after supta kurmasana, no doubt assuming that I’d have learned something during the first attempt. Not!

When he springs this new stuff on me, I am just a ball of dead weight with a muddled brain. I will try to figure it out a bit more next time. I think I need some expansion. Usually I just kind of contract myself into the crappy bakasana and then call it a day. I know what it is: finesse! That’s what I’m missing. Haha!

My Gift is coming down for a weekend visit. She wants to go to opening night of Bodyworlds. She, The Frenchman and I will attend. The Cop has to work. I am amused by My Gift’s endless appetite for science. She’s a Discovery Channel junkie, and is unrepentently nerdy about this kind of stuff. And I am obsessive, so no doubt I will look at all of the bodies with an eye toward understanding what’s going on in different asana. Guess the likelihood of them having someone posed in bakasana is pretty remote, huh? 😉


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  1. It’s a stunning exhibit; I would go again in a second.

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