Oh, yeah!

I totally forgot (amid all my wondering about how my Ashtanga practice would affect a full day of zazen) to think about how a full day of zazen might affect my asana practice.

Answer this morning at Mysore practice: krink in the sacrum. You know the little sacrum place that pops in trikonasana? Well, it cracked a little, but the crack didn’t relieve the pain/tightness. So today’s title was “Full Practice with Krink.”

Another notable result of a day of zazen: a night of REALLY good sleep. Empty mind is peaceful deep sleeping mind.

Okay, so it took from 5:30 AM ’til noon for me to get the zazen dialed in. Figure that’s about 6 1/2 hours of sitting. And I’ll need 90 minutes for asana practice to keep my body on track. That’s going to eat up 8 hours each day. Gonna have to quit the job, obviously.

I was just in a team meeting. One of the designers made some reference to winning the lottery. “If I win, we’ll all go to Disneyland,” she said. Then she looked at me and said, “You won’t be happy there. We’ll send you to Tibet.”

I was highly amused, and strangely touched by her compassion.

Oh, and in other news, while I was getting my beauty sleep on Friday night, in anticipation of a long day of sitting retreat, The Cop was busy confronting and disarming a guy who was walking around with a loaded shotgun in a crowded parking lot.

A good zen question, looking at this, might be: Are our lives the same or different?


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