Supta Kurmasana

It was freezing this morning. Seriously. Our pipes froze, even. Yeah, the new ones we just had put in. Nature is stress-testing them for us. So sweet.

Anyhow, I put the Meow hat on, and the fuzzy slippers, and a BIG hoodie — and then I drove to Mysore in my Jeep, which does NOT have a good heater. It doesn’t matter usually, of course, since I live in the desert. Not so great this morning, though.

When I got to Mysore, I kind of squeezed into a small spot between Returning Guy and Renaissance Man. I usually try to get a nice airy spot, with lots of space, but not this morning!

Practice was sluggish and kind of yucky. Why? Last night’s Mexican food and tequila. Too much fat, too much onion, too much lime juice. Oh yeah, and did I mention tequila?

It wasn’t awful; it just wasn’t great. One good thing: I used to only be able to bind in marichyasana D if I was really empty. Now, though, a puffy tummy doesn’t prevent a bind. Haha! Now I can eat donuts with sprinkles and STILL do marichy D! Maybe that’s not the right attitude to take…

Pose of note: supta kurmasana. Despite my chat with Volleyball Guy on Saturday (when he reiterated that pasasana is what I’m “working on”), when supta kurmasana rolled around, he wanted to try something new. He gave me a small band for my hands to grab, and then crossed my ankles over my head.

At this point (and for a good while now) I’ve been able to bind my hands, but progress on the feet has been a little slow. Not impossibly slow, mind you. I can get my feet half crossed on the floor and still keep my hands bound, but it’s all pretty tight. Using the band for my hands gave me a little slack to work with. He crossed my feet over my head, picked up my feet and let my torso fall through. Well, “fall” sounds rather graceful and dramatic, like a waterfall — it was more like I kind of smooshed a little deeper into the pose. Like a puffy burrito in a Prana tank top.

That’s good enough for now, though.


2 Responses

  1. Too much onion? Is there such a thing?

  2. “Like a puffy burrito in a Prana top!”
    Love that!

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