Odds and ends and a potential new addiction

The plumbers have finished the project. Yay! Now we just have holes in our walls. I don’t mind them, though, because they’re small and at least we have the house back to ourselves. The dishwasher doesn’t work. That was my discovery this morning. I think it’s a plumbing-related event. The Cop will not be amused. He worked last night, so is sleeping now. As is My Gift. And me? I’m working from home. Nice.

Poor My Gift. She called from the mall last night. Her car had been broken into. They smashed the passenger window and stole her stereo and CDs. She sounded cheery and fine with it all when she called to ask The Cop about whether to file a police report. Apparently her friends were astounded by her response to the crisis. “Well, it’s gone,” she said. “No sense getting worked up about it.” I just called Progressive and found out that the 3K I pay in premiums for me and My Gift doesn’t cover glass. Sigh. Car insurance really bites. Interestingly, a significant number of the people The Cop pulls over do not have insurance.

Practice. Practice rocked this morning. One of those everything-feels-great practices. Where you start breathing slower and slower because the poses feel so good. Then, at the very end of this great practice, I remembered: I went to bed last night with a bad headache, woke a few times during the night because of it, and then woke up with it in the morning. So I had a couple of Advil with my coffee. Ahhhh, so this is how the addiction begins! Immediately I thought to myself: Oooh, I have to remember to take Advil before practice! But that’s probably not a good habit to establish…

I continued with my criminal backbending practice on Tuesday and Thursday. I’m guessing everyone has a sore lower back when they really start digging into the backbends. Right? Right? Whatever. I will live with the pain, because I imagine it will get better at some point. On Wednesday, during Mysore practice, my urdhva dhanurasanas actually felt really good. Volleyball Guy also did the adjustment where your teacher sits between your feet and uses his foot to push, push, push your upper back. Terrific! And today Sanskrit Scholar helped me with dropbacks, then she and Volleyball Guy teamed up to give me a stellar urdhva d adjustment.

The beauty part of the Tues/Thurs crim practice is that I am doing SO many different backbend preps that I am finally starting to feel a little comfortable with it all. My breathing isn’t as stressed, my mind isn’t as panicked, and there’s even a little bit of enjoyment starting to creep in. Any time I have a project (like this backbend project), any feelings I had about success or failure tend to fall away and I just get curious about the process. I really needed this so I could escape from just hating or dreading urdhva dhanurasana. Now my ineptness is just a variable in the project, rather than the final, predictable result of each individual attempt at the pose.

Okay, back to work. Performance evaluations for everyone!


3 Responses

  1. It is quite common to suffer from lower back pain when one starts Intermediate, and you got a lot of poses in one go (I think it took me something like three months to get to Ustrasana), so I’m not surprised. But you will be fine. Just remember to really engage the front of your body (a hint Hamish gave me that is quite obvious but I’d been missing it all along and still often do)

  2. Gosh, you’re so right! I know I get distracted by the back of my body when I’m backbending — either focusing on the soreness in my lower back or focusing on trying to open up my upper back. Thanks for the reminder. I think it’s probably psychologically healthy, too, to balance the awareness, rather than just getting hypervigilant about the back.

  3. I’m a big fan of the UD trick where the teacher stands by your hands and you hold their ankles and go up. You can get super-deep with that one!

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