I was planning to pay special attention to led class today, since it would be my last practice of 2006. As it turns out, though, yesterday was the last one. Both The Cop and I have been fighing some kind of cold or flu — and I finally felt bad enough to take the day off. I guess it’s kind of pathetic that I didn’t want to take a day during the work week. There were too many people on vacation, and I couldn’t resist being in the office and getting lots of work done. Even managed to get through most of the performance evaluations for my team.

I really like writing performance evaluations: they feel like the most useful thing I can do as a manager. They also force me to sit down and really think about each of the individuals on the team, and to think about our team as a unit. Usually we are so busy with doing our work that I don’t have time to mull over individual contributors. I mean, I recognize when someone on the team does a great job with a project, etc., but basically, I pretty much default, in the midst of business, to assigning folks according to their respective strengths. Now, though, I can think about each person and try to re-evaluate my perspective: perhaps someone who generally gets assigned to lower-stress projects would benefit from more fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants projects, etc. It’s interesting to think about people’s potential, and their interests, and how work might offer a chance for creativity and confidence and, well, a kind of freedom.

Today, though, I am at home. Start of a three day weekend. My Gift made it back from Colorado last night — there was some concern that she might get stuck there due to more snowstorms — and we ran errands this morning, including picking up the cat from the vet, where he’s been boarded since our plumbing adventure began.

And the adventure goes on. Right now the house is pretty much full of plumbers. With power tools. Drilling through walls. The cat and the dog are taking all this upheaval pretty well. The Cop? Not so much. He’s out in the garage now, which is one of his favorite places. He’s putting a lift and big tires on my Cherokee.

Okay. I’m wondering how led went this morning. Time for you to start a blog, Sanskrit Scholar! 🙂


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