Sluggish practice this morning. With that whole “in a moment I’m going to wake up in bed, amazed by what a vivid dream this was” feeling. Driving to the studio, I suddenly thought, “I wonder where I really am right now.” As if what I was perceiving as conscious reality wasn’t actually on target. There are people who would suggest I was astral projecting, or perceiving an alternate reality. I don’t know about that, but I definitely felt like my consciousness was on two channels at the same time.

Obviously, feeling like I was in two places at the same time made it hard to focus on practice. Luckily the sequence is pretty much hard-wired at this point. I just set aside my discombobulation and went on.

Sluggish practice, as I mentioned. Why would that be? I thought back to what I ate yesterday, sleep quality, what’s coming up for the rest of the day (work at a post-Christmas, pretty much empty office). Nothing too radically different from yesterday and the day before and the day before — when I had particularly good practices. So there’s no explaining it. Fine.

Volleyball Guy gave me a great adjustment in bhekasana. He pushed down on my shins, which gave me the leverage to really get my upper body up off the mat. I try not to think about bhekasana too much, because I think it would induce hallucinations of my kneecaps bursting from under my skin and shooting across the room.

In the end, though, I think it’s parsva dhanurasana that’s making my knees feel taxed. The rolling over part makes for an unstable kind of pulling on the knees. I guess I need to try to stabilize my core more, so the tension is equal throughout the whole roll-over.

Spacey though I was, I had the good sense to run away before backbends. Geez. I spent time yesterday trying to make friends with urdhva dhanurasana, and here I am this morning, needing a swallow of water so very badly that I had to leave the room for a few minutes. Yeah, I know, a transparent attempt to avoid the inevitable.

And sure enough, after the heavy, unfocused practice, backbends felt just fine. There’s no telling with urdhva dhanurasana and me. I was dreading it, and it was a piece of cake. Finally finally finally, my breathing is sorting itself out. Not so suffocating and uncomfortable. Baby steps, but steps nonetheless.

Showering and preparing for work took place at Starbuck’s of Yoga. Usually I go home and get ready for work, but the plumbing project has begun and we have no water. Poor Scott the cat is being boarded at the vet, since workmen will be in and out of the house. Keep your fingers crossed that this only takes two days. I’m hoping we’ll be back to normal by Friday…


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