Practicing with an old yoga soul

Lovely to wake without the alarm, have coffee at my leisure, and then start practice when I felt like it. As I finished up the vinyasa that precedes pasasana, I was joined by a fellow yogini, who was looking for a good spot for a comfy winter savasana.


You’ll note that she managed to get into the spot of sunlight AND directly in front of the heater. Nice work.

I rolled out another mat and did pasasana through ustrasana, then wrapped up with some of my patented crappy urdhva dhanurasanas, followed by a bit of hanging out on the rope wall.

The Cop and I had planned to get new fixtures for the master bathroom, as our Christmas gift/project. As it turns out, though, we had a plumbing leak on Thursday. On Friday, the plumber spent hours jackhammering through the tile floor of the bathroom (there is something really weird about hearing jackhammers inside your house), shoveling a pile of dirt onto the floor to get to the pipes (also weird to have a pile of dirt in your master bathroom), and repairing the pipe. Only to discover that there are likely more leaks.

The choices were to keep chasing leaks around (with attendant jackhammering of other spots on the floor), followed by digging and repairing — or we could just cap off all the underground pipes and re-pipe the whole house so the plumbing runs through the walls instead of the ground. Choice 2 is now our official Christmas gift to each other.

Today will be a nice, quiet day: dinner here and then a movie later on this afternoon. The Cop was lobbying for “Black Christmas,” but I’m not a fan of horror movies. I’m going to vote for “The Good Shepherd.” Then I will indulge in my traditional holiday jello shots and some chocolate! Woohoo!

Everyone ought to check out Russell’s entry on Christmas Eve in Mysore. It’s really quite humorous and also very touching.


2 Responses

  1. Ouch! btw – turns out that home depot’s web site had a much broader selection than they have at the store. Better prices than We recently found this out the hard way (kitchen faucet cracks off just before xmas).

  2. Great picture of your dog! Reminds me of the “negotiations” I go through each morning with my dog to get him to stay off my mat – “No, you stay on your bed. This is my yoga mat. I’ll feed you when I’m through. Honest, I will. Really. No, sit.. sit.. *argh*”

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