Last night, My Gift flew out to spend the holiday with her dad. First, though, she, The Frenchman, The Cop and I had our traditional pre-holiday sushi dinner at the traditional restaurant in town.

She called me when she got into San Franciso, and told me that she’d been reading Hardcore Zen during the flight, and that she really is enjoying it. It’s always funny sharing ideas with people, because you always imagine they will “see” it the way you do, and appreciate it for the same reasons you do, but in the end, you just never know. It’s like when people wander into Saturday led class. I always wonder if they “read” the class like any power or vinyasa class, if they realize that the sequence is always the same, etc. Never mind the philosophical underpinnings, which are a whole ‘nother layer completely. In the end, though, what does it matter? If someone’s karma is bringing them to a place, a class, a book, then there is something going on there, though it may be very different from what is going on with me in relation to that place, class, book.

Anyhow, My Gift is amused by the book and I’m not terribly surprised. She has been exposed to plenty of monks and lamas in her life, but none of them had that punk perspective. Haha! Interestingly, I think she’s been immersed in zen long enough that she’ll “get” that all those perspectives are the same. And different 🙂

Even turning her on to books and experiences, I am always a little wary of inducing a case of spiritual materialism. I fight that enough myself, so worry about setting My Gift up for the same thing. In the end, though, it’s nothing I can control. We were driving to lunch the other day and she was saying she needs to get the Om tattoo on her foot touched up. I asked her if she remembered what the dot on the symbol represented, “Enlightened mind,” she replied. “And the little mark under the mind?” I asked. “Maya,” she said. So she is conscious of illusion. What she really makes of the concept, I can’t say. She’s still very young, and she’s a different person than I — so she’s on her own with this one 😉

Practice at home this morning, as the Volleyball Guy/Sanskrit Scholar Great Northwest Ashtanga Tour is not over yet. Back to Mysore practice on Wednesday. Yeah, I know, the Moon Day. I’m going to take it tomorrow. I want to make a point of getting some rest on Moon Days, but I don’t want to miss a chance to go to Mysore practice. So a compromise.

Practice today was good. I am still scared doing kurmasana at home. It’s a little cooler here than at the shala, and I worry about torquing my hamstrings again. So I don’t lift my heels. The hand bind in supta kurmasana hurts more here, too, I guess because of the cold, but I braved through this morning, so yay me.

My knees have felt kinda stressed lately. Not injured, but as if they are being asked to do new things. I imagine this is from bhekasana and maybe even dhanurasana. Have to remember to contract my quads — I believe that’s supposed to protect the knees. And a tweak in my upper back. Perhaps from the stretching sequence I’ve been doing on the rope wall as an extracurricular activity.

Sat for 10 minutes at the end of practice. Ditched the zafu and just sat on the zabuton. In lotus. Hey, I started practicing yoga in order to be able to sit properly in zazen! I’m finished! LOL! Oh wait, there’s nothing to attain. Well good, that gives me a reason to keep practicing…


For the guys on the mountain, climbers and SAR: Kwan Seum Bosal.


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