Late Post

I’m at work, whiling away a few minutes. It’s the damn Secret Santa present. I picked someone who is ALWAYS at his desk, so it’s pretty much impossible to drop the secret gift off. LOL! Everyone in the office hates this tradition, and yet it goes on and on.

I think I have a little more patience with it than other folks, because I don’t have other traditions that I have to deal with — you know, like real family traditions. Both The Cop and I are minimalist and not big fans of tradition (though we both have our weaknesses: he likes dojo tradition and I like zendo tradition), but anyhow, we don’t have things that we HAVE to do during the holidays. Oh wait, The Cop said a turkey was required for Christmas, so I guess that’s a tradition. And I always spend too much money on My Gift, so I guess that’s another. Anyhow, you get my drift. The Secret Santa thing is my only Christmas annoyance. Wow, now that I write that, I feel so lucky!

Weird to write an entry so late in the day. Practice seems AGES ago. It was one of those days at the office: in early, working lunch, wall-to-wall meetings, late to go home. All in all, though, a pretty good day. Luckily, I like the people I work with. All my crankiness about organizational behemoth sluggishness pales when I think about how I pretty much like almost everyone I work with.

So, as I think back to the murky beginnings of my day, I vaguely recall waking and having coffee and reading email and showering and putting on the Meow hat and going to Starbucks of Yoga. It was dark out. Gee, all of my mornings are remarkably interchangeable 😉 Practice was good. I felt strong and not light. I know, huh? Weird combo. I’ve been eating more, I guess, and I don’t feel as light as usual. But it’s one of those deals where being a little heavier makes me feel stronger. This used to happen when I climbed. My weight drops and I feel really light and strong, and then, over time, I start to feel kind of weak and burnt out. So I put on some weight, feel strong and energetic, and then, over time, feel kind of heavy and lethargic. And the cycle starts again. We’re talking like 4 pounds, so it’s all kind of stupid. But hey, here I am with a keyboard at hand and my Secret Santa recipient still working away in his cube.

Oh wait! He’s leaving. Score!

I will end with a note I got from My Gift this afternoon, which amused me to no end:

Public Service Announcement

I would like it to be known that:

1. I got an A on my art history paper.
2. I totally owned my art history final.
3. I finished my 7 page math final, which we weren’t supposed to be able to finish within the 2 hour time limit, in an hour and a half.
4. I owned that, too.
5. I survived my first finals week of college without having a nervous breakdown, crying, pulling my hair out, or melting. The fetal position was applied only once.
6. Energy drinks do not make you less tired at 6 30 in the morning, they just make you tired and twitchy.
7. Pomegranate lemonade is quite delicious.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.


2 Responses

  1. Your Gift sounds absolutely delightful.

    So does the Meow hat!

  2. Congrats to your daughter – well done!

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