People, donkeys, carts (when I saw them, I thought of you!)

Irishseoul sent me an email today saying she missed hearing from me, so she read my blog. She said Maneki Neko just must have the picture of me in garbha pindasana. Apparently Maneki Neko is fascinated by the pose. LOL! Weird kid!

The picture isn’t as awful as I might have imagined, though that may be because I am older now and able to put these things in perspective. Or perhaps I am older and my standards are lower 😉

Led practice today was lovely. Crim Girl practiced next to me, and I had the wall on the other side, so I was a happy Rain Man. Kurmasana felt really good. For the past couple of practices, there seems to be something happening with kurmasana (and, by extension, supta kurmasana). It all just feels easier, somehow. I can’t quite say how, so sorry for even bringing it up. Ha! The point, though, is that practice does make things happen. Whether I worry the issue and do research poses or not. Not that I’ll quit overthinking or doing research poses, of course. That’s my nature, at least at this moment. Nice to know, though, that the practice itself goes its merry way, regardless my greedy and impatient habits.

Most interesting pose of the day was laghuvajrasana. I had one of those moments where things just all come together (largely because my mind wasn’t busy overseeing the proceedings). I just exhaled into the pose easily. “That was your best one ever,” Volleyball Guy said from the other side of the room. Indeed. Okay, the coming up part sucked, but hey, it’s a start. Usually I go back, kind of slow to a creaky stop a few inches from the floor, and then crash land. Today, though, it was all just one smooth out-breath. Nice!

Before practice, I read a cool koan:

Zuigan asked Ganto, “What is the original, permanent principle?” Ganto replied, “Moving.” Zuigan asked, “How about when it moves?” Ganto said, “You don’t see the original, permanent principle.” Zuigan was flabbergasted. Ganto remarked, “When you agree, you are not liberated from the senses and their dust; when you don’t agree, you sink into life and death forever.”

The opening sentence of Gerry Shishin Wick’s commentary rocks: “In this koan, Master Ganto vividly points out that if we hold onto the notion that there’s no fixed thing, an ‘original, permanent principle,’ we’re stuck there too!” I am amused. And I love that Zuigan was “flabbergasted.” For some reason, the idea of a zen monk in 9th century China being flabbergasted just cracks me up.

What also amused me was yogamum’s Grinch meme. I did my Christmas wrapping today. It involved putting gifts in tissue paper, then putting them inside a box that has a Christmas print on it. Yup, a box that is printed to look like wrapping paper. Well, the top part of the box is printed. The bottom half is white. The Cop suggested I put directions on the gifts so recipients would not turn them over. I did tape the boxes shut. That counts as “wrapping,” right?

Ah, Christmas. I’m not a Christian, I’m not a shopper, and I don’t (generally speaking) care for too many objects. Plus, I’m hypersensitive to avarice. All in all, it doesn’t add up to a cheery Christmas participant.

Once upon a time, someone actually gave me a Christmas sweater. Seriously. The very idea still kind of freaks me out.

And one year, my Mom, realizing that the previous year’s gift of a button down sweater with three-dimensional appliques of a Mexican village (no kidding: people, donkeys, carts) had threatened our relationship (the I-must-be-hallucinating part was when she said, “When I saw it, I thought of you!”), asked me what I wanted for Christmas. My answer: a 100% cotton wrap-around bathrobe in a dark color. When Christmas rolled around, I received a blue and pink diagonally striped zip-up fuzzy polyester turtleneck bathrobe.

When it comes to Christmas, The Cop shares my value system. We decided that this year, we would skip presents for each other, and, instead, get new fixures for the master bathroom. Off we went to Lowe’s, where fixtures, for some reason, are remarkably…well, rococo. Maybe this is just because we were at the Scottsdale Lowe’s. Scottsdaleans seem to have a remarkable appetite for the…um, hyper-designed. Note I didn’t say grotesque and tasteless. Oh wait, I guess I did.

I wanted to launch into the talk I give to the design team, the one where I say the words “elegant” and “Occam’s razor” a bazillion times, but the Lowe’s employees did not look eager for a lecture. But seriously, elegance in design does NOT include swirls and geegaws and a dozen materials thrown together to give a supposed sense of “luxury.” I wanted to run out of Lowe’s clutching my head and screaming “Mad! Mad! We’ve all gone mad!” I didn’t though, because I felt that would diminish my credibility as the voice of reason.

I will have to do research and find out if simple plumbing fixtures are still manufactured and, if so, whether they are allowed within the city limits.

Now we’re off to Mexican food and margaritas. I’ll close with the wikipedia entry for Occam’s Razor. May the buyers at Lowe’s stumble upon this link.


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  1. Christmas sweaters are scary.

    We had the same problem at Lowe’s, HD, etc. Try online – we had good luck with

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