Christmas in Volleyball Land

A sky full of stars when I went out to the car this morning. Time for the Mysore commute outerwear: fuzzy hoodie, fuzzy slippers. I actually had my hood up this morning. Brrrr.

The room, when I got there, was nice and warm. Volleyball Guy announced he would be taking pictures. It’s been a while since he did his photography thing. “This must be for the Ashtanga Christmas cards,” said The British Director.

In the past, he’s photographed us on our mats — just snapshots as we went along. This morning, though, he set up a little area at the end of the room, replete with candles for that authentic twinkly yoga feeling. After garbha pindasana, he asked me to do the pose again for a photo. Alrighty then. A head-on shot of garbha pindasana. I needed to bolster my body dysmorphia, right? And what better way?

Other moments of note:

Hanumanasana: I went for the samakonasana/hanumanasana West Coast combo pack after the prasaritas. The right hamstring is still hinky, so I’ve been limiting use of these add-on poses to led class on Saturday. I don’t know if adding it in aggravates the injured hamstring, or if the stretching will actually help heal it. Sigh. I’ll know eventually, I suppose. I’ve been liking hanumanasana, though. I use a block under my right side to coddle the injury, and skip the block when I turn to the left. There’s a part of me that is happy I’ve accepted the limitations of the hurt hamstring, and there’s a part of me that wonders if this isn’t going to end with wildly unbalanced hips and hamstrings. Another thing I’ll know eventually.

Bhujapidasana: I have discovered that if I hook my toes around my forearms, I can use the resistance to hover with my head above the mat. Is this cheating? I know, I know, I should ask my teacher. And I thought of it, when I was upside down, with my toes curled around my forearms. I couldn’t see him, though, and I really didn’t want to yell, “Hey, Volleyball Guy! Look over here! Am I cheating??” LOL!

Upavistha konasana: Just ow! In and of itself, this is a perfectly lovely pose. After a baddha konasana weighted with sandbags and held for extra breaths, though, it turns into the pose from hell. Just FYI.

I guess that wraps it up, practice-wise. In other news, The Cop asked if we should have the squad Christmas party at our house this year. I asked, “What day will it be?” He looked at the calendar on his watch. “Monday.” Yup, this coming Monday. Neither of us is big on planning, so I suppose this will all work out just perfectly.


3 Responses

  1. I think the toe thing might be cheating. I know hooking your toes behind your arms in Uthplutihi (someday I will learn to spell that) is definitely cheating, because I heard Sharath say “don’t cheat” when he caught people doing it.

    That said, I am totally going to try the toe thing in Bhuja tomorrow.

  2. Yeah, if it makes it easier, it probably is cheating. Figures.

    Do try it though, ’cause it’s really cool!

    Haha! And now I won’t be able to resist trying it in uth pluthi. Thanks for increasing my criminality.

  3. I was wondering how people feel about the picture taking. I’ve thought about taking photos, but think that some people might not want to be photographed but also not be comfortable voicing their objections. How does VG ask people? My email is on my blog profile if you would rather respond that way.

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