Really? It’s that easy?

Today’s one and only goal was not to get freaked out at work. Mondays are traditionally quite stressful for me, and a casual poll of my co-workers revealed that they, too, suffer through the Monday stress-fest. So, despite the fact that my goal would not directly affect the bottom line (at least not immediately), I decided that my only ambition was to make it through the day without forgetting to breathe.

Bring on the lunch with a couple of my work buds! (Usually I opt out of Monday lunches, because I need to be out there wrestling with all the stressors, right?) Did we talk about work projects at lunch? We did not. Conversation revolved around the current season of Survivor, which I don’t even watch. I didn’t care, though. It was nice to listen to them discuss the ins and outs of the program and just kick back and relax.

At 1 PM I had my weekly one-on-one call with our senior designer, who telecommutes from Seattle. I told her about my goal for the day, and how well it was working out. I had only one potentially confrontational meeting scheduled for the day, and it was coming up at 2 PM. All in all, though, I’d managed to avoid the frazzled chaos of Monday. And truth be told, I was pretty much as productive as I usually am. So whipping myself into a frenzy may not actually increase my efficiency. Note to self: Remember that!

At 1:50, the building alarm goes off, the lights flicker and die, and all computers and phones shut down. A few minutes of asking around reveals that the construction crew next door has cut through our power lines. Shortly after, the CEO declares work over for the day.

I call the senior designer back on my cell phone to let her know what’s going on. “Boy, when you have a no-stress day, you really go all out!” she said.

Who knew how accomodating the universe could be?


4 Responses

  1. Wow; completely moved and unpacked already? Are you going to call a decorator, or keep the prior owner’s color scheme? 😉

    In my experience, by the time I’m at the office I’m OK. My stress point usually comes just as I’m falling off to sleep on Sunday night and I suddenly remember what I need to do on Monday, and then have a hard time falling back to sleep. Grrrr.

  2. I’ll try to do some upgrading, but I’m kind of a slacker. If good things happen to the look of the blog, trust me, it means WordPress is VERY easy!

  3. Wow, the blog looks great already. Is that your dog? With Tim’s coveted Manduka mat? 😉

  4. Yup, that’s Maxine. I was trying to get a picture of the yoga room, or the mat and a spray bottle or my sitting cushions or something, and she kept butting in. When she sniffed the mat and gave me the eye, I knew that’d be the picture for my blog! And yes, that’s a Manduka–MY Manduka 😉

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