PasOWsana & No Martha Stewart

I have a crink in my shoulder. Hmmmm. “Crink” or “krink”? Actually, Merriam Webster says it’s “crick” or “kink.” Either way, something’s going on in the right shoulder, under the shoulderblade. I’m thinking it’s from The Cop’s adjustment in pasasana. Upside of the adjustment: I had my fingers bound (however slightly) and my feet flat on the ground. Of course I was a bunched-up ball of flesh–no elegance whatsoever. But hey, I saw that the bind was possible, which is a great first step.

So there’s work today and tomorrow (yes, I’m at work and blogging, so you can see how relaxing today is!) and then four days off. My Gift is driving home even as I write. And my best friend from California, from here on known as “Irishseoul,” will drive down on Wednesday. Her daughter, who we will call Maneki Neko, will also visit. Maneki Neko and My Gift became fast friends as little children, while they languished in the childcare area of the gym Irishseoul and I attended. They were the instigators of my relationship with Irishseoul. As it turns out, Irishseoul and I spent many an afternoon lifting weights and doing cardio, and the girls became connoisseurs of the kids area of gyms. The best was Gold’s in Santa Clara, with one of those bouncy slides and the tubes they could climb through.

Yay! A holiday! I am totally psyched. Holidays at my house mean a pre-holiday visit to our favorite sushi restaurant (that’s tonight!). Holidays also mean not too much fancy cooking stuff (as in, not ANY!), but I do have a special recipe to try this year: jello shots. I know, I know, I should make a pie or some side dishes or something. But why, when what I really want is pineapple jello with Malibu rum? Actually, this morning one of the people on my team (who I will call “Partay Gal”) told me about spodis. She couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of it. I’m so behind the times. I think, though, that she’s given me my special Christmas recipe.


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