Pulling the rug out

Actually, no one pulled the rug out from underneath me. I just forgot it. I had an 8 AM meeting at the office, so I packed up all of my clothing and shower stuff and cosmetics and lunch and brought them, along with my mat, to practice with me this morning.

As soon as I got there, I realized I’d forgotten my rug. Uh oh. Just as I’d imagined, the jumpback foot drag thing that I have going on was made worse by the lack of a slippery rug. That’s okay, though–it raises the bar for me. All in all, the lack of mat wasn’t too bad at all. Kurmasana was where I really had problems. Usually I do the helicopter landing and slide my butt back on the rug as I tuck my shoulders under my legs. Volleyball Guy came over and adjusted me in kurmasana, so that was fine.

The real difference, though, was in supta kurmasana. The stickiness of the mat made it much easier for me to walk my feet together. The resistance of the mat meant I could walk one foot in a bit, then when I leaned to walk the other foot in, the mat kept the first foot from slipping back. Oh yeah! I think I’ll be practicing without my rug for a while–it’s worth it for the little boost in supta kurmasana.

Did the pasasana through ustrasana sequence, then off to work. Things seem to be settling down here at work. I read someone’s blog last night, and there was a mention of Mercury in retrograde. I know absolutely nothing about astrology and generally pay it no attention at all, but geez, work has been so stressful recently that I was happy to have something to explain it all.


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  1. That’s a good, good book. Enjoy.

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