Too much ezBoarding

Yes, I’m going to blame the ezBoard. It turns my head. And thus, today’s seriously crim practice.

It came from out of the blue. I did the usual trip through Primary, which was quite lovely, except for a sense of tension in my hip flexors and lower back. Like there was a build up of energy–kind of like the feeling I get when I need to pop my knees or crack my knuckles. A restlessness. Didn’t think too much of it, but as I finished up setu bandhasana, I just kept on going. What was I heading for? The shalabhasanas, dhanurasanas and ustrasana. Ahhh, relief! My hip flexors and lower back felt great! Knocked off at ustrasana and went on to urdhva dhanurasana. Then a little gomukhasana arms up against a doorway (to nudge the shoulders open a little more). More urdhva dhanurasanas. And then closing.

Sigh. Now there are feelings of guilt to process. Perhaps I will put the whole thing down (about good and bad and guilt and rebellion) and just go on and see how things go. See how I feel today. See what happens tomorrow at practice. Play it by ear. Be flexible. Not decide one way or another. This should be easy, shouldn’t it?

Shouldn’t it? 😉


One Response

  1. Guilt? Why?

    When I was still living in Montreal, and still practising with Darby, we almost always did exactly what you did in his level 3 classes: full primary, shalabhasanas, dhanurasanas and ustrasana. Oh, and sometimes bheksana. Then we’d go on to UDs.

    I incorporate it into my practice a lot still. I heart it.


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