I found Renaissance Man’s blog today and read about myself. He characterized me as calm. This amused me, and reminded me of something my boss said recently. There is lots of stuff going on at work, and lots of changes, and often people get pretty revved up or emotional–so there’ve been a good number of stressful meetings and such. Anyhow, she said, “When things get tense, I always look over and see you calmly dunking your tea bag in your tea and looking relaxed.”

So I asked The Cop if I am calm. “Yes,” he said. “In fact, you’d probably make a very good cop if you could get past all that ‘everyone is basically good’ stuff.”

It’s interesting to read about oneself. I mean, I know I am even-tempered, but I guess, as a writer, I always feel like I am looking at others, that I am observing, and that somehow I, personally, am somewhat invisible–that I’m not giving off any particular quality.

And on the business pants for Ashtanginis front: Tim gave good advice in his comment. I didn’t make it to Banana Republic, but I did go to one of that corporation’s other stores: The Gap. I don’t know if you’ve seen those Audrey Hepburn ads for “skinny pants,” but I decided to check them out. Sure enough, they are actually quite nice material, come in subdued colors, and are machine washable. And they fit great. Shapely but not too tight. Woohoo!

Gap tops, though, are too casual for work. Next stop: Banana Republic. Where I will calmly shop πŸ™‚


3 Responses

  1. I’m a size larger than you. 5’3″, size 4. Banana Republic has great clothes but the pants run about 98.00. But they do have good sales, I’ve gotten pants there at about 49.00. Marshalls carries pricey lines and a teeny sticker price – but the downside it you have to go there a lot to find anything good. Because they carry a lot of quality designer lines the smaller sizes (like 2’s and 4’s) fit pretty well and are usually lined.
    Good luck shopping!

  2. The Wife also suggests Ann Taylor, with good petite sizes. Again, watch for the frequent sales.

    I feel like shopping . . . .

  3. My best friend is a Marshall’s fiend, as is one of the designers on my team. They always look great, and I know they get great deals. I can only bring myself to shop for work clothes twice a year or so, so I end up paying full price. I am too lazy to be a good bargain hunter.

    Ann Taylor hurts my feelings. I look at the prices and think, “Damn, I should be spending this kind of money on luxe yoga clothes, not *work* clothes!” πŸ™‚

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