Business clothes for Ashtanginis

My Gift is visiting from college this weekend. No Saturday led class for me. Instead, we will shop. Well, we’ll shop after a trip to the beauty salon where My Gift has an appointment to get her eyelashes tinted. I’m going along to watch the child I love most in this world act like a little cosmetic tester bunny. If she’s not blind at the end, we’ll stop for smoothies and then head for the mall. Usually I hate shopping at the mall, but with My Gift out of the house, shopping adventures have come to a complete halt–so I’ve had enough time to recover and rejuvenate my will to consume.

She has a billion things she wants to buy (is it because Mom’s debit card seems to magically materialize at every cash register? 😉 I, on the other hand, have a short list. And I’m turning to the Ashtanginis out there to ask for some suggestions. Business clothes. Bane of my existence. Necessary, though. Where do Ashtanginis buy their business clothes? Pants, specifically. I have a few parameters I need to work within: petite clothes (I’m 5’4″), small (size 2), NOT jeans cut (i.e., skintight), NOT polyester, NOT dry clean only, relatively low-rise cut, and under $100.

One might think that these parameters would make it impossible to find pants. But I found a pair of Nine West pants at Macy’s once, and they do meet all the criteria. Unfortunately, despite my best internet searching, they do not seem to be on the market any more. Please save me from the Juniors section–it’s starting to hurt my self esteem.

So…any ideas?

And lest anyone think I’m just a boring, fashion-impaired professional with a jumpback fetish, check out this blog that My Gift turned me on to. She wishes our family could be like this one. I agreed that we can have Jello shots at Christmas, but once we consume them, we’re not likely to strip and run around with guns. No, we’ll all grab whatever books we’re currently reading and quietly read in the livingroom. Well, to be fair, there’s a good chance The Cop would welcome the opportunity to celebrate the holidays with his guns. But in the end, sadly, it is not our karma to be a family like this one:


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  1. Banana Republic has petite sizes & should be in your price range. My favorite clothing store (and their women’s petites fit The Wife very well).

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