Practice Notes: 8/16/06

Another quick debrief as I gulp down some lunch then run to the next meeting. Work is a madhouse lately. Very exhilarating, but also daunting–multi-tasking is definitely the devil’s invention. I won’t even get started about the logistics of getting My Gift relocated for college, never mind the emotional energy of letting go. And hey, I’m a manager–wouldn’t it make sense if I actually had some time to talk to my team? Oops, had to stop to take a call from the orthodontist My Gift will be transferring to. Oh wait, I have to book boarding for the cat for the nights we’re delivering My Gift to college… Okay, you get the idea.

Thank God for Mysore this morning is all I can say. My hamstrings actually felt pretty darn good, especially considering I actually thought about skipping practice on Monday because they hurt so much. I’ve been icing three times a day–though who knows if that’s what’s making the big difference. Maybe it’s Jody the Yoga Star’s advice about extending through the spine more. I’m actually too crazy busy to think about why things are happening, which may actually improve my practice 😉

The only place where I felt particularly nervous was in kurmasana. And again, with his uncanny perceptiveness, Volleyball Guy came over and helped at the most painful part of my practice. I was going easy on my hamstrings, trying not to use my legs to squish myself flat, when he picked up my heels, nice and gentle. My thought? Oh, I’m supposed to extend through the hips and legs to get my feet up, not just crank my muscles until my feet pop up. Okay, that’s a good lesson for today.

Quiet morning: British Director, Other Dave, Mr India, Chanting Man, Cat and NYChick. Lovely practice buddies all. I hope Friday practice is a nice, crowded, raucous one. I think we’re about due for that kind of fun.

Oh crap, I forgot about my sister’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Lynnie!


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