Home practice: 8/12/06

My Gift’s rheumatologist said she should have a flu shot before college, so we are off to a flu shot clinic downtown when she finishes up her morning shift at Juicy Yoga Studio. No led class for me.

Wonders of technology side note: This week, My Gift was given contact info for her roommate. The two girls talked on the phone, then connected via their My Space pages. This morning, My Gift casually mentioned that she and The Roomie have been chatting via instant message. I’m pleased to hear this, because they’ll have a chance to get to know each other a bit before they’re thrown together in a couple of weeks.

So, home practice this morning. A really exuberant, happy practice. One where the vinyasas are just such a pleasure, and poses and vinyasas flow together seamlessly. Left hamstring is cranky, but not impossible. The most interesting thing, though, was this practice felt joyous, and really well-integrated. Somehow, it understood that it is not the point–though it is a means.

“Truth can be compared to the moon,” said Hui Neng, pointing to the moon with his finger, “I can use my finger to point out the moon, but my finger is not the moon, and you don’t need my finger in order to be able to see the moon.”

Tonight, dinner at The British Director’s house. I get to meet Crim Girl’s new partner in crime, and The Cop meets the Mysorians. What happens when worlds collide?

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