Yesterday was chiro/massage day. First, an hour long massage, concentrating on my shoulders and traps. Then an adjustment session with the chiro.

She asked, “How was yoga today?”

“Great!” I replied happily. (Volleyball Guy was back after a couple weeks of vacation; he adjusted me in Marichyasana D, which is quite unusual. Usually he stands back and lets me make my way through the pose, which is improving, but which as yet yields decidedly unaesthetic results. Yesterday, though, he moved in for a much-appreciated adjustment. Then he spotted me for between-Navasanas handstands, which were light and fluffy. Then an adjustment in Kurmasana, after which he stepped back and let me get the hand bind on my own before he helped out with my feet in Supta Kurmasana. Then an adjustment in Baddha Konasana. I was in heaven! So much help in the part of the practice I most want to concentrate on.)

“So,” said the chiro, “No pain!”

“Huh?” I said. What in the world could she be talking about? During practice, my hamstrings and hip had hurt like hell.

“Great yoga. No pain,” she said.

I laughed and told her why. She looked perplexed. I guess we have to clarify our criteria for a “great” practice 😉


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  1. “Great yoga, no pain.”
    I love it…LOL!

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