The short version, since I am at work (bad lady!):

Left hip killing over past couple/few weeks. Finally broke down and did a massage/chiropractor combo. Unbelievably good massage–the kind that makes you want to cry and laugh at the same time. Chiro cracked my neck (mmmmmm, good!) and adjusted my hips. I left feeling relaxed and vaguely headachey from having my neck adjusted for the first time in at least a couple of years.

This morning: now I’m sore on both sides of my hips! Practice regardless. Turns into a very sweet, deep practice. The biggest change (result of adjustment/massage? who knows…) is a really clear and intense uddiyana bandha. And a sense that said uddiyana bandha, applied more diligently in the future, will help stabilize/heal the hip situation. True? Who knows. Even a placebo effect will be acceptable, though. For some reason, I kept thinking mula bandha was what I needed to focus on, but that idea went out the window this morning. Uddiyana! That’s the ticket! If I remember correctly, someone on ezBoard said you automatically get mula bandha when you apply uddiyana bandha, but not vice versa. Am I remembering that, or did I dream it?

Got to supta k and felt remarkably clear and confident: set up the right arm, then calmly reached with my left, and sure enough, the bind was achieved in one breath. It’s weird how sometimes it’s a huge struggle, and other times, it all seems so easy. Did the adjustment/massage make this possible? And if so, is it physiological? Psychological? Doesn’t matter, I suppose. Ultimately it’s just the practice, doin’ its thing.


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