Lots of food stuff going on. Ashtangis starting food blogs, Susan sending me info about vegan sites when I mentioned My Gift is trying veganism to see if it reduces the effects of lupus (results after one week: yes, she is feeling much better), Yoga Chickie posting about a significant, yoga-altering dinner 😉

My food story is that yesterday I took the day off from led practice, but met up with Crim Girl and Returning Guy at a nearby restaurant afterwards. Returning Guy had to run off to a massage appointment (poor guy!) so just stopped in for a few minutes. After he left, Crim Girl and I settled in for a three hour lunch. After practicing Mysore with someone for months and months and never really talking for more than a few minutes at a time (who’s really up for a conversation at 5:30 AM?), it was great fun to just sit there and talk and talk and talk. I love that the Mysorians all want to spend more time hanging out and socializing. There’s even been discussion of DVD viewing get-togethers, where we can have a drink and watch Ashtanga DVDs. LOL! Really, it’s the height of yoga nerdiness, but I think it’s a riot.

The other food story for today revolves around the dog (aka Old Monkey). Every Sunday morning, I give her a bone from the butcher and she lies out in the grass and eats it. I guess they must be cow bones; they’re cut into big chunks and frozen in a bag. This morning, I gave her a bone, she trotted outside with it, and I went to make some toast. By the time breakfast was ready, she was back in the house, begging me for some.

It’s hot out (110 yesterday; possibly warmer today) so I figured she’d gotten hot out there and decided to abandon her treat for a little while (it’s not allowed in the house) and take a break indoors. As I’m websurfing and eating my toast, I start hearing the weirdest, loudest squeaking and squealing noises. What the heck is that?! Sure enough, it’s Old Monkey’s stomach. Apparently she has managed to swallow the frozen bone pretty much whole. She’s out back now, eating grass. For some reason, she was also inspired to try eating some of the flowers out there, which suggests that an unchewed melting hunk of bone and marrow is a most uncomfortable meal: she’s the most obedient gal in the world, and she knows the flowers are off limits. If she’s eating them, she’s feeling pretty funky.

Myself, I’ve been eating more, and less carefully, for the past few days. I tend to get overly-enthusiastic about things (Gee, it’s easier to practice if I haven’t eaten much the day before. Perhaps I can just skip eating entirely!), so it was time to come back down to earth a bit. The middle way: I have to try to keep it in mind. Crim Girl and I were discussing this a bit yesterday: yoga helps me gain insight into my behaviors (obsessiveness being one of them). But the more clear my behaviors become, and the more I let go of them, the more I can see how deeply they (karma) run!

Oh well. I suppose I must get on to the habit of house cleaning. I will strive not to be too obsessive about it 😉


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