Just Say No…

…to Saturday led class. Last week was 34 people in a teeny room. I just can’t do it again! (said in dramatic voice). I had a good week with my less strenuous schedule. Instead of a week of getting up 5 mornings in a row at 4:30AM, capped by a Saturday led class that knocks me out for the rest of the day, I did early Mysore on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, an evening led on Thursday, and I will practice here on my own today. Likely, I will do a little something tomorrow, too. Not Ashtanga, I think, but something different–just for fun.

I am actually a little giddy at the expanse of Saturday lying before me. The Cop kindly gifted me with a rake (which I’d been asking for), and I can try it out in the back yard. He uses a blower to deal with leaves, etc., but I wanted an old-fashioned rake. I am thrilled at the prospect of having excess energy and a yard to use it on: there are rose bushes to trim, hibiscus to prune, palm trees and oleander to water, and all sorts of things to rake. Then I can clean the pool and jump in.

On the My Gift front, we have some relief in the tiredness she’s been feeling. I read some interesting info on vegan diets for lupus, and she’s giving that a go. Feeling very sorry for herself at times, particularly when she’s with friends who are having fast food. But she’ll be fine. She’s off to a hippy kind of college in the fall, and her diet and Buddhist beliefs and yoga ways will suddenly stop being strange for Scottsdale and become totally normal for Flagstaff.

Happy Saturday!


2 Responses

  1. The Saturday class I was going to was knocking the wind out of my whole day too…I don’t go anymore. And anyway, Saturday’s a traditional rest day for ashtangis, right?!

    Tomorrow is my new led day, for some reason it doesn’t ruin my day so much…maybe cause Sunday’s supposed to be a lay Z day anyway.

    Good for the Gift to try Veganism!

  2. i’m going to have to do a search on vegan diets and lupus. thanks for the tip!

    enjoy your raking — it’s one of my favorite activities! well, jumping in the pile of leaves afterward is, but it’s a close second 🙂

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