New “Openings” :-)

You know how in your practice, there are little spots in the sequence that your energy starts to be attracted to at different times? Right now for me, that’s supta kurmasana and baddha konasana. And they are interrelated. Supta k is asking me to be less fearful about the back of my neck. I never realized how sensitive I am about that part of my body. Or rather, I guess I was so used to it that I never challenged the belief system that makes me feel like it’s fragile.

Anyhow, I am about where I need to be to start binding my feet, at least according to Crim Girl. Who is a harsh taskmaster, I must say. Take that as a warning, anyone who might practice on a mat next to her 😉 My hips need to be a bit more open to really pull this off, so that’s where the baddha konasana seems to be coming in.

Interestingly, I started out with my increased energy around supta k and baddha konasana thinking that it was primarily about the hip opening. As it turns out, the real challenge may be in my neck. That’s where my fear is, and I suppose it might be a delicate process teasing it out. Baddha konasana B is quite the challenge for me, because it feels so weird to try to curve my neck that way. Maybe something to do with a resistance to/misunderstanding of whatever forces are at work in jalandhar bandha?

A good exercise, no matter what. Usually when I am frightened, I do whatever it is that’s scaring me. I took up climbing when I was laid off from my job and terrified, as a single mother, about my and My Gift’s futures. Solution to that huge life fear? Take up rock climbing! Feeling small and weak? Do heavy squats alongside the guys at the gym. LOL! It really does help put things in perspective. But it’s also indicative of my approach: bust through with brute force–either of will or of muscle. This neck thing, though, is likely going to require a bit more finesse.

I’m a little excited about the idea of meeting a delicate challenge. Totally something new for me. No idea how it will go.


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