More Unconscious Criminality

After led today, Sanskrit Scholar, Crim Girl, Returning Guy and I were hanging out, chatting. Returning Guy said something about it being the Moon Day. I looked at Crim Girl and we both cracked up. Yup, I complained about being inadvertently crim yesterday, and now I’m hearing I’ve done it again. Two times in two days! Way to go! LOL!

Practice was good, whether it was a Moon Day or not. Hot as hell, which is par for the course here in the desert. I believe we hit 100 degrees today. I mean 100 degrees out in the real world–way more than that in the studio. Pack a bunch of people in a small room in the desert and practice, and you can imagine the rest. Upside: I got my arms all the way through and at close to a 90 degree angle in garbha pindasana. I couldn’t quite put my chin in my hands, but it’s just a matter of time. I’m pretty reserved about my rolling when my arms are through padmasana, because I have no idea how to correct if I veer off course. But it was fine, all in all, and kukkutasana worked out beautifully. Kukkutasana’s a funny pose, because just a split second before I roll up onto my hands, I wonder if I’m going to face plant. If I thought about the pose, I don’t think I’d be able to bring myself to do it.

During backbends I had a glimpse of the results of the 4 months I’ve spent doing dhanurasana and ustrasana in Mysore practice. When I pushed up into urdhva dhanurasana today, it felt light and balanced and easy. I stood up (with an assist, lest anyone overestimate my abilities 😉 easily and happily. I’m still not sure what the dealio is with backbends–apparently I am only sensitive to the subtleties of the front body–but whatever Volleyball Guy’s backbend master plan is, it seems to be working. I figure my job is simply not to get overly attached or ambitious.

After class, lunch with My Gift at a mongolian barbecue place that looked vaguely unsanitary to me, but which, apparently, the high school set loves, and a trip to the mall to find a graduation dress and shoes and jewelry. I was kind of lagging, which is usual after led class–but I made it through. I really wanted to have some quality time with her, and we did have fun. Soon she’ll be off to college. Seriously, though, hell has to be an endless shopping trip in a suburban mall.


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  1. Thank you! 🙂

  2. your welcome!
    I am getting tiredof my freaking picture showing up with every post!

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