Small Kindness

This morning during home practice, I had a flashback to yesterday’s Mysore practice. I was doing finishing poses, and I reached for my toes for yoga mudra. I can always grab my left toes, but I can’t quite reach the right ones. I make a point of grabbing the left, then trying for the right for a breath — and then I just go ahead and lean forward into the pose and feel around a bit to see if I’m even close. Then I grab my elbows behind my back.

Yesterday, as I was going to give up and grab my elbows, I hear this little padding step coming toward me. Gee, Volleyball Guy is light on his feet today, I thought for a second, before realizing this must be Sanskrit Scholar, who was, last I knew, fully engrossed in her own practice across from me. I re-grabbed my left toes and felt her take my right arm, pull it away from my body, then bring my hand to my right toes. With a friendly little squeeze of my hand, she went back to her mat.

Thanks, Sanskrit Scholar! You rock. Kindness first thing in the morning is very sweet.

This morning was the first time I used the sun instead of the heater. Yup, it’s summer in the desert, and I had to turn my mat to keep the sun from blinding me. I turned it so the sun shone on my back, and boy, did it feel great.

During savasana, I heard the cat pad into the room. Then, at the same time I heard him make a little trill, a fly landed on my face. Oh no! The cat is ready to pounce on the fly that’s sitting on me! LOL! I’ve learned to be still through itches and sore knees and all the other things that happen when you are meditating. But there’s no way I sit still through a cat attack to the face. Haha! End of savasana.


2 Responses

  1. what a beautiful kitty!

  2. Hey Karen…just wanted to thank you for your advice on SUSAN’s blog! (Such a tangled web!). NOT thinking is soooo key before practicing. I have to remember that!


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