Strange, but good

Vascillated all morning on whether to go to led class. I still have a bad, hacking cough. On the other hand, I actually feel pretty good. Decided not to go, ultimately: no way of knowing how long my energy would last, and I hate when people cough and sneeze a lot in class. Infectious or not, it always gives me the creeps.

So I stay home and practice with Sharath’s CD. Got the DVD this week and watched (and loved!) it. But I am not allowed to practice in the livingroom (where the DVD player is). The dog has a very strong belief that yoga is only to be conducted in the yoga room. Any yoga in the livingroom results in major face-licking and hysterical barking. So she lies on the couch and I roll out my mat. She can actually see me in the yoga room from where she lies on the couch in the livingroom, but she’s okay with that, so long as I’m in the correct area.

Sharath and I set off. Realize that his 5 counts are equivalent to 4 of mine. This is really extraordinarily fast. I’m a fast counter, myself, but he’s got me beat.

Feel terrific from the first surya. Left hamstring tight but not too painful. I can put my palms on the floor from the get-go. Life is good. Except for the iPod and its earbud wires. Final configuration is wires threaded through my shirt to keep them out of the way, and iPod clipped to the back of my waistband. Excellent. No worries. All I have to do is remember to speed up on the jumpthrough for marichy D, so I have a few extra seconds for set up.

Yesssss! Marichy D goes off without a hitch. Great. It’s been hit or miss for a long time. I figured I might’ve lost it during my sick days. But no, smooth sailing. Ah, not so fast! Navasana. Uh, oh. Hey, what’s happening?!? This is the first navasana and I’m shaking uncontrollably. The iPod is sticking into my back. I have hit the wall, energy-wise. Time to reconsider the technical configuration. Okay, iPod stuck down my shirt for bhujapidasana. Nope, wrong answer. Okay, just leave it on the mat for kurmasana and supta kurmasana. And for goodness sakes, call it quits after baddha konasana. Exhale. Kurmasana. Nose and chin smooshed on floor. Drishti: third eye. iPod: sweaty and stuck to cheek.

Despite the devolving practice, I have this idea that I should really push on supta kurmasana. I thrash and roll and my feet aren’t even nearly close to each other, but sure enough, I get a fingertip bind for the very first time. Woohoo! Drishti: third eye. iPod: digging into left temple.

That’s pretty much it for excitement. I push on to baddha konasana and abruptly call it quits.

Makes for one strange practice: parts were delightful, there was some comedy, some improvisation, some sweat, a runny nose, and a good challenge at the end. Except for not getting to see the Mysorites this morning, I guess I can’t complain.


2 Responses

  1. LOL at the migrating iPod! Sharath does set quite a pace on that CD. It’s quite a wake-up call!

  2. haha yeah sharath’s counts are like super fast – cool dvd. No bells, whistles or horns, just the practice.

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