Making things progressively worse

After all my whining about allergies, it turns out I have a cold. A wicked cold, as my Boston-based family members would say. Mysore practice on Monday was nice, if a little sniffly. Tuesday morning, though, I woke up with NO motivation. It always scares me when I don’t have any impulse to practice; for some reason I always think that it’s the end of any motivation I’ll ever have. Even though time and again, it turns out that that kind of low energy is about getting a cold or something.

So on Tuesday morning, I decided to do yin practice. Why? Because I can lie down and practice (this should probably be Clue Number 1 that practice is not in order), and because I can keep a box of Kleenex close at hand to blow my nose. I suppose that might be Clue Number 2.

But really, what harm can come from an hour of yin yoga? Well, in my hands, apparently it’s not as harmless as it seems.

Wednesday I wake with a sore knee. Curse you, half saddle pose! LOL! Isn’t there a lesson in this? Haven’t I learned it before? Why, yes: if you stretch connective tissue and then relax the surrounding muscles, you are in a precarious position. Or I should say, I am. Yup. Sadly, I’ve done this before.

Sanskrit Scholar teaches yin sometimes. I’ll have to ask her why I am such a menace to myself when I mess with it.

At least the knee soreness helped me not practice on Wednesday. The hacking and sneezing and sore throat wouldn’t have been good enough reason to knock off, right? I have Type A issues. Luckily my knee hurt like hell. I took the day off from work and had one of those days where you sleep late, get up out of bed, then go fall down on the couch to sleep some more. Get up and go lie on the bed. Read three sentences from book and fall asleep. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Very relaxing, really.

Today, no practice. Getting better but still hacking away. Knee improving.

But this is all just talk.


Walking along the edge of a sword,
running along the ridge of an iceberg,
no steps, no ladders,
jumping from the cliff with hands open.


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