He’s baaaaack…

How much did it rock to go over to Volleyball Guy’s yesterday morning? Quite a lot. Not the drive, so much, though. I am spoiled already with the yoga room in the new house. Already it has lots of good meditation energy.

Anyhow, I drove over to Volleyball Guy’s and things were already in progress. The Other Dave and Returning Guy and Sanskrit Scholar were already in the midst of their suryas. A quick hug from a very tanned Volleyball Guy as I arrived, and then I was on my way.

I couldn’t help but wonder what it was like for him, to come back and find himself in a room again with all these students waiting for adjustments. LOL! All those butts up in the air during down dog. I had to refocus, because it all seemed so absurd and so funny.

One thing about Volleyball Guy’s versus my house: way warmer. More people for one thing, plus the ceilings are too high in my house for the heater to really make a significant impact. So it was great to practice in the super warm, humid atmosphere.

And adjustments. What can I say? There is nothing better than an adjustment from your teacher. It is simultaneously intimate and impersonal, and it is all about trust. It’s about helping someone, even as you realize that the illusion of us as individual entities is just that–an illusion. Enough of philosophy, though. Let’s talk about kurmasana. There I was, pushing as far as I could into the pose, and just when I think I can’t possibly straighten my legs any more, there’s Volleyball Guy, putting my feet up on sandbags. Yikes. I love how sometimes he surprises me into realizing I can do more than I think.


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