Day Off

My body spoke loudly enough this morning that I managed to listen and not get out of bed at 4:45. In fact, I turned off the alarm and slept ’til 6:30, when I got up and found My Gift in the kitchen, looking perplexedly at the empty coffee pot. I have a wicked sore throat, and the extra almost two hours of sleep meant I had all sorts of dreams. One of which involved me stealing objects from an abandoned storefront and feeling really guilty–because it was wrong to do, and because I brought My Gift to help me, thereby being a bad parent, and because I jeopardized The Cop’s job by committing a crime. Geez. I shoulda just got up with the alarm.

A note first thing this morning from Sanskrit Scholar that Volleyball Guy will be back for Mysore 3/10, instead of the originally projected 3/13. Then notes from the other Mysoreans expressing their glee with that news. And a note from Volleyball Guy himself, who is happily ensconced on a sandy beach.

The Cop just woke up and came out of the bedroom saying, “Why, oh why, has my yogini abandoned me?” We had plans to practice this morning, but I just couldn’t. Anyhow, he then started this crazy pretend sequence of suryas with ballet-like flourishes, then announced: “This morning, I am going to invent a sixth series.” I said, “Um, I think there is already a sixth series.” “Okay, I am going to invent a seventh series, in which I die in the middle of the series, then bring myself back to life for the second half.” He’s very inventive, The Cop. Quite ambitious. Apparently, though, the pursuit of series seven can not occur until he has a blueberry muffin.

He and My Gift certainly help me keep my spiritual pursuits in perspective. I always think of My Gift, when she was about 14, asking me as I finished up zazen one morning, “So, you enlightened yet?”

Just now she walked past and said “You’re blogging? You didn’t do yoga today. Are you lying?!?!” LOL! I have a sore throat and feel crappy, but it’s always a fun morning with these two 🙂


4 Responses

  1. “Okay, I am going to invent a seventh series, in which I die in the middle of the series, then bring myself back to life for the second half.”

    That is FUNNY!
    A funny cop, who woulda thunk…
    What a nice little family!

  2. maybe THAT’s what’s missing from my practice…a blueberry muffin!


  3. You know Guruji told Julie that seventh series is having children!

  4. Does the Cop give lessons in the 7th series.. Can I sign up???


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