Just back from restocking the birdfeeder. A few birds were loitering in the vicinity of the feeder, looking expectant. Cold out there. I don’t know how people back east can stand the winter. Snow and ice? No thanks.

Yucky practice this morning–no surprise, really. I felt bad yesterday (even called in sick to the painting-at-Volleyball-Guy’s soiree), and I woke a few times during the night with sinus pain. But since I just get out of bed when the alarm rings, I found myself standing in the kitchen at 5. And once I’m in the kitchen, coffee is definitely on the agenda. And after that, I might as well see where practice takes me.

Just through standing, as it turns out. I felt okay during the suryas, but my energy drained away pose by pose as I moved through standing. A drag, too, because I was eager to play around with backbends and the wall again.

It’s been amusing, hearing “wall stories” from people. Gx mentioned in a comment how he likes the “wee drop feeling” before you touch the wall. Yes, the feeling of falling. It’s a really interesting thing to play with. Again, memories of climbing–I was always interested in the falling feeling, how it is something humans are fascinated with (roller coasters, climbing, skydiving), even as we are programmed to resist it (babies have a reflex that kicks in if they feel they are falling). So very cool to surrender to a physical law (gravity) even as our biology resists it. I guess it’s just a matter of how we surrender–with a graceful dropback, or by falling on our heads 😉 Thanks, Chris, for your very funny comment. I’m sure I’ll find myself in the same situation, sooner or later.

So today’s lesson, I suppose, is that I am finally learning what the phrase “listen to your body” means. After keeping a daily practice for the past seven months, I am aware of when my body feels strong and energetic, and when it feels tired after five or six consecutive days of practice, etc. And today I knew I felt sick, and that the energy wasn’t going to kick in if I just made the effort. If I really was good at listening to my body, I would have known not to get out of bed when the alarm went off. Not quite there, yet, but getting closer. I don’t like learning the lesson this way, though. I’d rather be in the yoga room, courting disaster-by-gravity.


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  1. Huh, never linked my like of roller coasters (and I’ve been sky-diving too) to that of my wee fall in back bends. Weird. Amazing the things you learn about yourself from what other people say about the same subject.

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