Namaste from Far Away

That’s how Volleyball Guy signed off on his email this morning: Namaste from far away. Cracks me up.

This morning was practice at Sanskrit Scholar’s fitness center. The Beautiful One also attended. We sat in my car, away from the Arizona cold πŸ˜‰ waiting to see if The British Director was going to show up. Sanskrit Scholar announced she’d brought a copy of Sharath’s CD, and if we wanted, we could do a led class. We all agreed, gave up on waiting for The British Director, and went into the fitness center.

It’s funny, the TV in the cardio room, blasting the morning news, actually seems endearing to me now. Amazing how a few good experiences in an environment make you attached to it.

We set up the heater, put Sharath on the CD player, and off we went. The practice was, as anyone who has used this CD knows, fast. I really love the tempo–it makes me feel less bad about how quickly I generally move through the series. Um, except for kurmasana/supta kurmasana. Sharath tears through those, and I need some time to get into the poses. Oh well.

And the urdhva dhanurasanas? Forget about it! Three in a row–with one breath in between. Yikes! My nervous system was on overload. I already feel rather anxious about the pose, so the pace just ratchets the stress up like crazy. Though on the up side, you move through it so fast that there’s no time for much negative internal monolog. That can only be healthy.

I’ll be interested to see how my energy feels today, after the quick, light practice (I think of it as light because I can’t really dig into any of the poses). Definitely don’t mean to suggest it isn’t challenging.

In padmasana, I saw a brilliant yellow aura around my mat. Way cool. No idea what it might mean. I have a friend at work who can see auras and I am always very envious of the gift. So while I can not see people auras, apparently I can see mat auras πŸ˜‰

And arnica. What can I say about arnica, except Thank you, Jody and Susan, for suggesting it. I used some last night before bed, and had a nice coating just before practice, and my shoulders definitely feel relief.


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