Energy and Art

Wow, it seems like such a long time ago that I practiced! Waiting until late afternoon to blog really dims some of the details. Which may be a benefit to blog readers everywhere…

Home practice this morning. Another email from Volleyball Guy in Manila. A few sentences. I think it’s funny that he’s sending his students individual emails (versus a mass mailing) and everyone gets a couple of sentences about his experience. It reminds me of him at practice. He doles out an adjustment to one person then moves on to the next. A snippet of energy here and then a snippet of energy there.

Practice this morning was pretty good. The left knee is a little sore, but not too bad. Handstands were a little heavy. I got The Cop to adjust me in supta kurmasana. His first supta k adjustment. I’m so proud 😉 He did well.

Garbha pindasana was amusing, as always. Got both arms more than halfway, waited there a bit, then tried one arm through all the way and then bent the arm (using my other arm) to try to get it near my face. Gosh, it looks like such a silly, simple pose. But, as it turns out, it is not. Still, though, I can’t quite tell what it’s trying to teach me. Maybe this one is about humor.

Great news this afternoon. When I was working on the new book, I often looked at work by the artist Kiki Smith. When my publisher asked if I had any ideas for what I’d like on the cover, I immediately thought of an image of her work that I love: In kind of a crazy gesture, I wrote to her gallery, asking them to forward a request to use the image. Honestly, I wondered if I would ever hear back. I imagined I’d be viewed as a deranged poet stalker. And if I did hear back, I wondered what kind of fee would be charged. Today I had a note from the gallery’s director, saying Kiki Smith has agreed to let me use the image, and the charge is that I send her one of my books. How much does that rock?

Okay, I am working from home this afternoon, so blogging has to be limited to a quick break. Tomorrow is Mysore at Sanskrit Scholar’s fitness center. I am going to pack my teeny space heater in a gym bag, and we’re gonna heat that place up!


3 Responses

  1. Awesome news about Kiki Smith and her image 🙂

  2. It’s great the way she’s got the ribs all twiested, bit like how we’d be doing the postures!!!

    Loved the idea of you sneaking the heater in for practice in your swag bag, lol!!!

  3. LOL! I never thought of it, but I have sometimes felt like Ashtanga is taking me apart–rather like the sculpture!

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