How many yogis does it take to set an alarm clock?

Woke up at 4:30 so I could go over to Volleyball Guy’s for Mysore. Felt quite well-rested. Got to the kitchen and discovered the coffee hadn’t turned on. Checked the timer–yup, it was set for 4:15 AM. Hmmm, mysterious technology glitch. Easily remedied by switching the “Brew” button. Note to self: verify that coffee brews on time tomorrow. Wait–we don’t use the timer on the weekend. Okay, make sure it works on Monday. Likelihood of forgetting to notice if coffee brews on Monday? Zero. Okay, coffee situation resolved for the time being.

But wait a minute…the clock on the coffee machine says: 3:30. Huh? Hey, wait a minute…so does the microwave! And the computer. Uh oh. Musta clicked the clock ahead an hour while setting it last night. Duh.

Well, it’s not like I’m going to walk away from a pot of brewing coffee. So might as well proceed. I worked on proofreading the book manuscript and surfed the web. Wrote an email to Best Friend.

Hours after waking, I arrived at Volleyball Guy’s. Chanting Man was there, and The British Director joined us shortly afterwards. A nice practice–slow, very warm, and comfy. Less distracted than at home, which is still a new environment for me. The British Director adjusted me in prasarita C, and it was a doozy. Usually people say “tell me when” or something like that, and I just hang in until the end of the adjustment. Had to say “uncle” this time, though–at about breath 3 and a half.

We talked about garbha pindasana when I got to it, and both Chanting Man and The British Director had funny stories about falling over and other humiliating consequences of attempting the pose. I didn’t have a spray bottle with me, so my arms were only halfway through. But I did read up on garbha p on ezboard, and a couple of people suggested the counterintuitive move of making your lotus really tight. I had been trying to keep it pretty loose, figuring that’d make more room for my arms, but they pointed out that the really tight lotus actually opens up the back of the knees more. So I gave that a shot and managed to get halfway through with no water. And I laughed and told the others that someone had suggested using Astroglide for the pose. Surely disaster awaits anyone who spills Astroglide on their mat. Hmmm, the making of a yoga practical joke?

So that’s about it. I am very happy it’s Friday. The Cop is working late tonight, but we have plans for pizza and drinks when he gets off work. Which means a very late night for me. No led class tomorrow, since I still have house work. I have to finish moving the last few things out of the old house, clean it, and then do some stuff around the new house. I think this will be the last weekend of missing led primary on Saturday, though. The move will soon be declared finished. Yay!


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