Happy Nerves

Today I did the same practice as Tuesday. I was concerned I might feel burnt from doing even a little bit of nadi shodana, but I’ve felt great the past couple of days, despite major stress at work and lots of chaos in the new house/moving situation. In fact, I’ve been quite amazed at how stable my mind has been. There’s a stack of work on my desk, I have performance appraisals to conduct with my team next week, we’re moving, The Cop’s parents are visiting, I invited a faculty member/developer to visit from San Diego yesterday and spent every minute of the day in meetings with him and various members of upper management. And I didn’t feel overwhelmed for a moment. Go Ashtanga!

Tonight is a special ceremony and post-ceremony party for The Cop. So another busy day. And then a weekend with his folks, who keep saying they intend to help us move. Except I am not ready to move yet and just want to relax all weekend. We’ll have to divert them with restaurants and margaritas and maybe the Barrett Jackson car show. Apparently The Cop’s dad loves cars. I don’t, but I’d rather look at cars than pack and move boxes.

The Cop, quite amusingly, looked at the sky this morning and said, “You must have a Moon Day coming up.” I have to laugh, because I notice Moon Days when they appear on my calendar and mean a day off. He notices it because he is in sync with celestial bodies. Uh oh, The Cop is a better yogi than I. Go Cop!

One Response

  1. “I invited a faculty member/developer to visit from San Diego “

    Do you work for a University, Karen?

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