Saturday alarm clock

The clock was set for 4:30AM. I slept badly, and wondered for a moment, when the alarm went off, if I should go. After all, there’s a led class at 10AM. I counted in my mind–that’d be another 4 or 4 1/2 hours of sleep I could fit in. Then I got up and went to Volleyball Guy’s for Mysore.

Saturdays are different days at Volleyball Guy’s. Apparently he doesn’t always come to early Saturday practice, and if he does, he concentrates on his own practice, rather than concentrating on adjusting all of us. That’s one reason I wanted to go. Volleyball Guy is a great teacher, but I wanted to just practice with him. I guess that’s the only way I can think of to give back some of the energy he gives to me.

So anyhow, on Saturday mornings, The Other Dave opens the door and practices, and whoever shows up, shows up. This morning Returning Guy and I showed up. After a bit, The Frenchwoman joined us.

It was a terrific practice. I love practicing with folks who’ve been at it for a long time. There is no fuss and no muss–just people breathing and practicing. There is something just lovely about the shared energy. It is deeper than just being social. Non-practitioners probably wonder how we can feel attached to people we “just” practice with. But I always walk out of there feeling really grateful to the other folks at Mysore. I try to put in my good energy, and I know they do, too. It’s a pretty amazing thing.


3 Responses

  1. Good for you for going to early on a Saturday! I wish we had mysore Saturday…have a good weekend!

  2. karen your last paragraph was spot on, it really is amazing that you can make such connections with people whose name you might not even know. Its an intimate sharing of energy that is beyond verbal communication.

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