Practicing with Sharath

Well, with his CD, actually. Vacation day, but I have to go into the office for two hours to run a webconference that got rescheduled. So I slept in and then had to scramble to figure out the practice situation. The likelihood of my practicing at home after noon is slim, as I know from past experience. Volleyball Guy does led second series on Tuesday nights, but I’ve had some run-ins with second that suggest I am not ready for it (sleepless nights after second series practice, jangly nerves, etc.). So no sense bringing an injured knee to a series I really shouldn’t be messing with anyhow.

Suddenly, a stroke of brilliance. I’d practice with Sharath’s CD. It’s quick, I have someone to count for me, and I won’t spend my time worrying about the conference call, because I’ll be busy trying to keep up with Sharath. Plus, I’ve been very interested in the breath/vinyasas since reading Jenna’s post on the Lino workshop. I mean, I knew the one breath/one vinyasa “rule,” but somehow it kind of got away from me…

Damn, Sharath tears through primary! It’s actually quite enlightening, to move without the extra time and effort. You’d think, at first, that quicker would be easier, since you don’t have as much time to “work” the poses. But somehow that doesn’t turn out to be so.

Here’s what I love about the one breath/one vinyasa mode: your movements are intimately connected with the breath, and that makes for a very clear focus. Plus, not having time to struggle to work deeply into the poses means you have a very springy, athletic practice. Essentially, you don’t have time to exhaust yourself with each posture, so your muscles keep a certain elasticity. Which I find very appealing. I finished up feeling very energetic–not at all spent.

Gee, you’d almost think this guy has some special insight into Ashtanga practice 😉

Okay, off to my vacation day webconference…


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