The Good Habit of Not Thinking

It occurred to me as I drove to led primary this morning, that I hadn’t even thought about the fact that I was going. I just went. As I drove along, I thought, “You could think about whether you want to go…” and then I figured, “Nah, why bother?” and dismissed the thought.

Saturday is the only day I really have much option to think about whether I want to go to class or not. Both Mysore at Volleyball Guy’s and home practice are my “own” practice, somehow, so it is easy to just do it. Plus, when I get up at 4:30 AM, I don’t have the wherewithal to debate what I want to do over the next few hours. So I just proceed.

The key to Saturday led is to be very focused on not thinking. In the morning, no thinking about not going. Once I’m there, no thinking about who is there or how long the breath counts take–nothing. Bandhas, breath or driste are all I allow myself to focus on.

Today, I noticed the fruits of the Rolfing session most vividly when we were in the dropback portion of class. Once I had my turn and Volleyball Guy was going around doing dropbacks with everyone else, I did pincha mayurasana. I love all inversions, but this pincha was particularly delightful, as there was no tension in my upper back. None at all. Amazing. The pose felt easy, balanced, and very, very light. Nice.


One Response

  1. Note to self: don’t think…I always think myself out of going to things. You’re right, we should just not think about it.

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