Joy of Janu

Lots of people at Volleyball Guy’s this morning. Nice and warm by the time I got there. I’m tempted to pronounce the sleeping-with-extended-legs experiment a total success, but I don’t want to jinx it. Let’s just say that I can get my palms flat on the floor by dve and trini on my second, possibly third, Surya A. Woohoo!

Bikram Teacher was at the shala today. She was moaning again, but this time Volleyball Guy started moaning as well, louder and louder, until everyone was laughing.

I found myself actually enjoying Janu A this morning–which is unprecedented. I still have lots of resistance to the second side of Janu B. No idea why. I can work my way deep into it, but the initial feeling I have as I start it is a panicky, “Oh no, not this!” Last week I was wondering why I suffer so much during the Janus–today I find myself blissed out in the midst of them. Go figure.

I asked Volleyball Guy about my balance in Marichy D. His answer, delightfully enough, was about what I need to be practicing in Marichy A. About getting my femur back more on the raised knee side. Bhujapidasana continues to elude me, but uddiyana bandha seems to be the key. Now I just have to find it 😉

And as I was driving home, I remembered that I forgot Purvottanasana. I used to hate Purvottanasana, but have since grown to actually love it. But it’s the posture I most frequently forget. I think because I am stressing about the approach of Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana, which always feels kind of unpleasant.

Apparently there is a plan afoot for us all to attend a mid-morning Bikram class on Thanksgiving Day. Not sure if I want in on that. But a funny notion, nevertheless.


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