Or, I should say, interlopers. Doing rabbit.

Mysore morning at Volleyball Guy’s included a couple of Bikram practitioners workshopping poses like rabbit and head to knee pose. Volleyball Guy, truth be told, has a Bikram problem. As he’ll tell you himself, he complains about how lame it is, but he can’t seem to kick the habit. So now some of the Bikram folk have been appearing at Volleyball Guy’s.

I don’t feel very gracious about it, I’m afraid. But I assume I’ll get over myself. Ideally, they will decide they want to learn Ashtanga, and then he can teach them, and Mysore practice will feel normal again. You know, because the universe revolves around my desires.

Aside from my wanting everything to be the way I want it to be, practice was pretty good. Light and strong. As happened last week, led at night followed by Mysore in the morning added up to a nice, bendy morning practice. Sleep last night, though, was a little weird. I think my subconscious was wigged out about the unexpected eka pada sirsasana. A little disoriented by the bizarre new kinesthetic experience. What’s that I feel on my outer ankle? Oh yeah, I think it’s the back of my head.

Beyond the weirdo kinesthetics, there was also the sense that I don’t usually move my back quite that way. I imagine it’ll be quite instructive as regards kurmasana and supta kurmasana next time I do led primary–which is tomorrow night–but the fact of the matter is, I think of my practice as what I do in Mysore, which is up through Marichy D. So all of this eka pada sirsasana and kurmasana/supta kurmasana business is kind of hard to integrate. I guess I’ll think of them as research poses.

Only other really notable things: pain in my left ankle in Marichy D–no idea what that was about, but it seemed like a temporary glitch, and pain my my right wrist as I push back into down dog. It lasted just until I was warm, which is a little scary, because I remember the same effect (hurt, warm-up, feel fine) when I had tendonitis in my fingers from climbing. And it took a long time to heal.


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