Evening practice

Yup, Volleyball Guy likes to do led second series on Tuesdays. I was kind of overwhelmed, in my mind, when I stepped on the mat: long day at work, traffic on the way to Volleyball Guy’s, 5:30 PM when I am used to practicing at 5:45 AM…blah, blah, blah. Once we began, I was happy as a clam.

The Sanskrit Scholar was there, The British Director, The Other Dave and me. It felt great to do so many backbends! I’m still new enough to second series that there is a good bit of anxiety on my part–oh geez, what’s coming up next?!?–but in the end I had a grand old time. And I got eka pada sirsasana A & B on the left side for the first time. All of my practice of this pose as I watch a bit of TV in the evening–which I started doing because it gets the kinks out of my sacrum–has paid off. Sure, My Gift from the Universe rolls her eyes and says, “Oh Mom, do you really have to do that?!?!” But in the end, it was a good idea. Still, it scares the heck out of me when my foot hooks around my neck–totally feels like I’m going to get stuck somehow.

Volleyball Guy left us to do our own closing sequences, and as he closed the door and went into the house proper, I looked at the others and said, “Do you think it seems to him that every time he opens that door, we’re here?” Because we’ll all be back tomorrow morning at 5:45 AM Mysore practice. Home practice has much to recommend it, but it sure is lovely to practice with these people.


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