Rise and shine

Sad to say, the super-flexible morning practice I had yesterday at Volleyball Guy’s did not repeat this morning. Oh well. It would have been a lot to ask for–after all, I was tied up at work until 7PM last night, and then we went out for dinner, and yes, my one drink did taste especially good and strong–and this morning I discovered that it tasted really strong because apparently it was really strong. Duh.

A couple of times a year, my work requires a Saturday half-day. And today’s the day. We host VIPs from all over the world who want to audition to teach seminars for the company. So today was home practice, much too early, a bit hung over, stiff, sore, and distracted about how much time I have before I have to be at work. LOL! Not the most conducive conditions. And yet, it was just fine. Moments when I was really present, moments when I was concerned with all the other stuff.

Last night at dinner, The Cop and I discussed Ashtanga (well, I discuss it on a daily basis, but this time he brought it up in relation to himself). As I’ve told him before, he would 1) be a talented practitioner, being long-limbed, light, strong, and quite flexible, and 2) benefit greatly, from a meditative perspective. He is curious about the practice, but he also has many job-related practices he needs to keep up with–martial arts/fight training, practicing at the range, running, weightlifting. He has a full plate.

But he seems to understand that his job puts him in a position to always take a rather negative view of humanity, of always expecting the worst. And somehow he sees Ashtanga practice as a way to curb this tendency. It’s interesting that he senses this. Also not quite time yet for him to practice, I think. But I imagine he will eventually. When I hear people being curious, I always sense the karma bringing them to practice. It’s like hearing deep, deep into their pasts, before they were even born.


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  1. That’s cool what you said about seeing the karma bring them to the practice.

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