The Future is Ow

Home practice two days in a row. Yesterday I had to skip going over to Volleyball Guy’s, since My Gift from the Universe and I were scheduled to go visit a college she’s considering for next year. The campus is 2 and a half hours away, and we had to be there at 8:30. So practice at home, at 4 AM. Wherein what was most clearly reinforced was 1) dedication is good, and 2) not without some cost, i.e., extreme I-just-woke-up stiffness. Owie.

Okay, so Saturday’s 10 AM class made it abundantly clear that the later I practice, the more flexible I am. What does this mean, though? Would it be good to practice later in the day, figuring I could get deeper into the poses; or is it good to practice very early, when I can really dig deeper into the stiffness? Or is it a wash? Or should I just knock it off with all the thinking? 😉

Today I am creaky as usual, with a little added tension on the strings as a result of 5 plus hours of driving and two plus hours of sitting on the college tour bus yesterday. So the morning’s practice started off as No, no…not this! Go back to bed! and turned into Okay, do some surya namasakaras and see what happens. Which turned into a slow roll to Janu A. Short, but somewhat satisfying. I guess some days, practice really is just practice. And you do it because it’s just what you do.

I think I will check out Thursday night led class this week. I go to Volleyball Guy’s Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for Mysore, and would go Tuesday and Thursday, too–except apparently he wants a life and sleeps in on those days. So it’s usually Tuesday and Thursday home practice, and then a Saturday led class. Tuesday and Thursday night, though, there are led classes at the Starbucks of Yoga studio. The turnaround from Tuesday night led to Wednesday morning Mysore (same on Thursday night and Friday morning) is a bit much–but hey, maybe I’ll give it a go for a while. It’ll be an interesting experiment.


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